About Bitesize Traveller

Hi, I’m Fiona, the owner and writer of Bitesize Traveller – a food, travel and walking blog primarily based in Sydney.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in Sydney since 2014 where I took the plunge and set off on the biggest adventure of my life – moving from the beautiful UK to stunning Sydney with my now husband Craig.

And what an adventure it’s been! Not only do I live in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, I'm lucky enough to look out onto the shimmering Sydney Harbour – not a bad view to wake up to. There's also so much fresh produce to enjoy and you will often find me perusing the latest catches of the day at Sydney Fish Markets (massive seafood lover!), however I will never love Vegemite – Marmite wins every day!

My blog initially started out as more of a food blog focusing on restaurant reviews (you guessed it, I love to eat out), alongside my delicious home cooking. However, I am now combining my passion of cooking with walking and hope to inspire others around me to get out and explore more of Sydney, its surrounds and this beautiful backyard, whilst sharing my most loved recipes which you can enjoy pre, post or during your Sydney hike!

As an Inner Westie, I’m pretty sure that I live in one of the best parts of Sydney (ok – I might be slightly biased here) as I’m lucky enough to have so many picturesque walks right on my doorstep, most with water views. However, I do love exploring the leafy Lower North Shore, the jagged coastline along the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney’s many picturesque national parks.

I’m mainly reliant on public transport, so I want to show you how accessible walking in Sydney is, even if you don’t have a car. However, there is a multitude of walks to explore with a car too, so I will be adding these whenever I manage to drive somewhere.

I’m also a bit of a facts geek, so rather than using all that waffly language, I like to get straight to the point and let you know the necessities about each walking route and my top tips and tricks to cook simple and easy nourishing recipes.

Don’t forget to check out my favourite cooking and walking books for food and travel inspiration.

And finally, why the name Bitesize Traveller I hear you ask? The name actually was coined whilst I was rock climbing (another one of my passions!) with my friend Alice (the proud owner of Enjoy and Paint). At 5ft 2½ tall (yes – the half does matter – I’m only going to get shorter!), I thought Bitesize Traveller was a fitting name as I am ‘bite-sized’ (meaning ‘small’), whilst I like to eat (‘bite’) and I love to travel (‘traveller’).

So, take a look around the site and I hope you enjoy reading about my culinary and travel adventures as I seek to discover more of Sydney one step and bite at a time.

Fiona Bennett Bitesize Traveller at Narrabeen Lagoon

Fiona canoeing