October National Food Holidays Worth Celebrating

Never mind Halloween…October is regarded as Good Food Month in Sydney and there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in a tempting array of delicious food and drink options all month long.

As the clocks go forward and Daylight Savings begin, October is the time to get out and sample your favourite foodie delights at your local cafes, restaurants, pubs and casual eateries.

So, to help you plan your meals at home and to dine out, I have listed the must-know October food holiday dates by day, giving you even more reason to enjoy eating (as if you need an excuse!) Even though these are mainly for the US market, I can’t help but think that everyone should be celebrating these days too (I know I will be!).

Although there are some really random days (National Fluffernutter Day, World Tripe Day or Sourest Day), there are definitely plenty of days where I will be celebrating. Some of my favourites include:

National Taco Day (4th October)

Who can resist delicious Mexican tacos? I honestly love them and I particularly enjoy spicy fish tacos alongside beef and pork tacos with plenty of cheese, salsa and fresh herbs like coriander. Oh, and my meal wouldn’t be complete without a jug of sangria!

International Beer and Pizza Day (9th October)

What could be more heavenly than drinking beer and eating pizza – particularly in 2020 when this day falls on a Friday – the perfect way to end the working week. You will find me in my PJ’s hanging out at home with a takeaway pepperoni pizza and cold beer, unless I can be bothered to make my own homemade pizza from scratch.

National Pulled Pork Day (12th October)

Who loves pulled pork? A little bit of patience goes a long way waiting for this dish. Serve your pulled pork as a pasta dish (I love it with rigatoni) or how about pulled pork rolls or pulled pork in a baked sweet potato with sour cream, relish and jalapeno?

National Dessert Day (14th October)

Ok, so I’m not a massive dessert lover, but when there’s a day dedicated to the delicious dessert then of course I’m all in! Perhaps a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, a fresh mango cheesecake or maybe even crepes suzette! If you really want something fancy, be sure to head to KOI Dessert Bar, regarded as Sydney’s ultimate dessert bar.

World Bread Day (16th October)

Who else loves the smell of fresh bread in the morning? I love slicing into a warm loaf straight from the oven, slathered with butter. I particularly love sourdough, brioche buns and also a sundried tomato and olive bread.

Global Champagne Day (23rd October)

What better excuse to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly than on Global Champagne Day? Perhaps splurge on a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, Moet & Chandon or even a bottle of Bollinger.

World Pasta Day (25th October)

I always love going out to an authentic Italian restaurant for a rustic pasta dish and this is exactly what I plan to do on World Pasta Day. The only question is which pasta to go for – ravioli, beef lasagne, spaghetti Bolognese or even my childhood favourite – macaroni cheese!

World Pasta Day October Food Days

Good Food Month - Sydney

If you’re a Sydneysider, be sure to check out the tempting Good Food Month programme, presented by Citi to celebrate this year’s 22nd anniversary. Although there are reduced venue capacities and group booking restrictions this year, don’t let that put you off from enjoying delicious dining experiences such as The Good Weekend Quiz, A Night in Napoli at Icebergs Dining Room or Young Chefs Lunch at Alibi Bar & Kitchen.

October National Food Days

1st October

  • International Coffee Day (World)
  • National Homemade Cookies Day (US)
  • World Vegetarian Day (World)
  • National Pumpkin Spice Day (US)

4th October

  • National Cinnamon Roll Day (US)
  • National Crunchy Taco Day (US)
  • National Taco Day (US)
  • National Vodka Day (US)

National Taco Day October Food Days

6th October

  • National Noodle Day (US)

7th October

  • National Frappe Day (US)
  • Canadian Beer Day

8th October

  • National Fluffernutter Day (US)
  • National Pierogi Day (US)

9th October

  • International Beer and Pizza Day
  • World Egg Day
  • Moldy Cheese Day (US)

10th October

  • National Cake Decorating Day (US)
  • World Porridge Day

11th October

  • National Sausage Pizza Day (US)

12th October

  • National Pulled Pork Day (US)
  • National Gumbo Day

13th October

  • National M&M Day (US)

14th October

  • National Dessert Day (US)
  • Take your Parents to Lunch Day

National Chocolate Cupcake Day October Food Days

15th October

  • National Cheese Curd Day (US)
  • National Mushroom Day (US)
  • Chicken Cacciatore Day

16th October

  • National Liqueur Day (US)
  • World Food Day
  • World Bread Day

World Bread Day October Food Days

17th October

  • National Pasta Day (US)
  • Sweetest Day (US)

18th October

  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day (US)

19th October

  • International Gin & Tonic Day

20th October

  • International Chefs Day
  • Brandied Fruit Day
  • Office Chocolate Day

21st October

  • International Day of the Nacho (World)
  • National Apple Day (World)

National Apple Day October Food Days

22nd October

  • National Nut Day (US)

23rd October

  • National Boston Cream Pie Day (US)
  • Global Champagne Day

24th October

  • National Bologna Day (US)
  • World Tripe Day

25th October

  • National Greasy Foods Day (US)
  • World Pasta Day
  • Sourest Day

October Food Days

26th October

  • National Chicken Fried Steak Day (US)
  • National Pumpkin Day (US)
  • Mincemeat Day (US)

27th October

  • National American Beer Day (US)

28th October

  • National Chocolate Day (US)

29th October

  • National Oatmeal Day (US)

30th October

  • National Breadstick Day (US, World)

31st October

  • National Caramel Apple Day (US)
  • Halloween

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