Bottom of the Harbour Review - Balmoral

A late afternoon stroll along the beautiful beach at Balmoral makes me realise how lucky I am to live in Sydney. It’s not every day back in the UK I had the opportunity to take a stroll along a beach when the sun is shining and it’s not freezing cold and I’m certainly making the most of it here! Spectacular oceans views greet me as the waves wash over my feet, washing away the stress of what has been a pretty crazy and busy week!

And what better way to wind down the end of the week than by heading to the local fish and chip shop, aptly named Bottom of the Harbour to get some well-deserved tucker!

Take your pick from the hot seafood options which include Battered Fish & Chips, Crumbed Fish & Chips as well as Crumbed Calamari, Salt and Pepper Squid or even the Fisherman’s Basket which comes with prawn cutlets, fish cocktails, crumbed calamari and chips with home made tartare sauce, if you fancy a mixture.

There are also cold seafood options including the beautiful prawn and oyster box, or why not try the grilled seafood options such as the grilled prawn, octopus or calamari skewer.

If you don’t fancy fish then the Bottom of the Harbour also serves some good-looking burgers including the Original, Balmoral, Full Monty Chicken and Twenty 88. The Full Monty Burger did look pretty good though which is a prime cut beef patty with iceberg lettuce, beetroot, tomato, grilled eggplant, free range egg, melted cheese, double smoked bacon, house made onion ham and tomato relish.

As I was craving fish and chips I decided to go for the Battered Fish and Chips for $12.50. We placed our orders at the counter and then waited on the benches just outside for our number to be called. Balmoral is a very family friendly suburb and there were plenty of families with children tucking into their fish and chips whilst overlooking the water. Not a bad spot to enjoy them!

Battered Fish & Chips

Not long later our number is called and we both tuck into some tasty fish and chips whilst overlooking the ocean. There was plenty of fish and chips in our box, although the batter was a little too oily for my liking, but it still tasted good.

We ended our night grabbing a cup of ice cream as we wandered back to the car. If you’re thirsty then the Bottom of the Harbour also serves fresh juices and milkshakes as well as various types of coffee.

If you’re in Balmoral next and you fancy a quick and tasty takeaway then the Bottom of the Harbour is worthwhile venturing to, for both the views and the food.