Burrow Bar Sydney Review

If you’re on the hunt for a quirky small bar in the heart of Sydney that serves truly amazing cocktails alongside friendly banter all night long then head to Burrow Bar…if you can find it!

Located in the midst of the Sydney city action, it’s easy to miss Burrow Bar if you don’t know where it’s hidden. Situated along De Mestre Place, just off of George Street you can be forgiven in thinking you’ve gone the wrong way, when you look down the alleyway ramp which looks more like it’s leading to a private car park; however turn right at the end and look for the dimly lit B and all will be revealed.

Enter through a creaky heavy door and you will be greeted by a long entranceway with limestone walls and concrete floors with tables and high stools and the small bar on the left. The bartenders immediately greet us with “hellos” and welcome us in where we take our place at the bar. It’s 5.30pm Saturday night and there are a few people already here, mostly sat by the bar happily chatting and laughing away. There is plenty of seating behind us at the high tables with stools, as well as some red sofas tucked away at the back for a more comfier setting.

Burrow Bar Menu

Burrow Bar

We peruse the menu, which is quite limited but does have a selection of some great sounding cocktails as well as wine and craft beer, whilst you can also order some boutique spirits or why not ask one of the barmen to make you up a drink speciality instead.

Tonight, Burrow Bar was celebrating World Whisky Day and were offering the first drink containing the Starward Whisky for free, much to our surprise. My fiancé and my friend went for a Refashioned cocktail – basically their take on an Old Fashioned with warm spices and ever so smooth to drink, whilst I went for one of the long cocktails (Burrow Shrub) containing watermelon and tequila which was actually really refreshing and well-priced at just $14. We were provided with tap water and a dish of mixed nuts and wasabi peas to accompany our drinks which went down far too easily, and we were soon engaged in friendly chatter with Bryce and Alan.

Lemons and Limes on the bar

Burrow Bar World Whisky Day

We had to leave at 6pm to head to GPO Cheese and Wine for our dinner, but we ended up returning a few hours later for some more drinks, this time finding Burrow Bar without a problem!

There was a doorman by the entrance when we arrived this time, but surprisingly Burrow Bar was still quite quiet, which suited us fine for the night. We took up our seats again by the bar and carried on our banter with Alan and the other staff, whilst trying out some of the other cocktails. Alan made up a Sloe Gin Fizz for me, after I explained how I love tall refreshing drinks, which aren’t overpowering with alcohol. This certainly did the trick and this was exactly what I was looking for – yum!

Sloe Gin Fizz

It was also great to see a number of faces from earlier, so the bar was pretty much full of happy returning patrons in search of a friendly ear and great drinks to end or continue the night.

Later on in the night, we moved to sit at a table and continued to drink and devour those ever so moreish nuts, peas and crackers, whilst listening to some cool tunes and enjoying the casual surroundings.

Burrow Bar is all about providing a unique experience and they certainly tick this box. The simplicity of the bar, alongside the casual, chilled setting makes this the ideal place for drinks any night of the week. Having been open for approximately 18 months now, Burrow Bar is a well-kept secret, and its inviting nature, with its staff wanting to get to know you better and learning everyone’s names will certainly see its customers coming back time and time again.

Look out for Bryce – he’s the one donning the trilby hat and has a wealth of knowledge up his sleeves as well as the shiny metal pineapple on the bar!