Hyams Beach Store and Cafe Review

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for me I simply cannot function without it! Usually my breakfast consists of cereal and juice during the working week, but when I’m away I love to indulge with something a little different and that’s exactly what I was going to do today.

My boyfriend and I were in Jervis Bay for a long weekend getaway and decided to head to the Hyams Beach Store & Café to grab some breakfast before exploring the beautiful white sandy beach.

Beautiful Hyams Beach

We arrived at Hyams Beach Store & Café just before 9am and managed to park the car on the road outside. Luckily it was still early so there was plenty of space to park, but later on it got busy, so if you want to park close by then I’d recommend getting hear earlier.

The Café was already bustling with locals and tourists alike in search of their morning caffeine hit and the queue for coffee and takeaway was quite long. However, we were lucky enough to find a seat outside on the deck overlooking the front car park and managed to enjoy the tranquillity of the area. It didn’t take long until a waitress came over and poured us both some cold tap water before showing us the menus. We ordered drinks to start, a fresh orange juice for me as I must be one of the rare people in Sydney who doesn’t drink coffee, and very rarely drinks tea!

The menu at Hyams Beach Store & Café was pretty small (phew!), which meant that I actually ordered my food in record time! It’s been ages since I’ve had an Egg & Bacon Sandwich so this is what caught my eye especially that it was served with tomato chilli jam - yum! Other breakfast items included brioche French toast, fresh fruit salad, breakfast trifle and the Breakfast Pot which comprised piperade (mix of sweet capsicum, tomato and onion) with poached eggs, chorizo, bacon and sourdough.

A little while after ordering our drinks, my fresh orange juice appeared which looked extremely inviting. It was slightly frothy on top from the juicing, and ever so smooth to drink. Sometimes I find fresh orange juice a little sour or too acidic, but this one was perfect, and super refreshing.

Egg and Bacon Sandwich

Fresh Orange Juice

As it was busy, our food took about 15 minutes or so to arrive, but it didn’t matter too much as we were enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. On arrival, I noticed my egg and bacon sandwich was actually pretty large in size and the eggs were cooked to perfection. The yolk was runny as soon as I prodded it with my fork and the tomato chilli jam was moreish with a slight hint of chilli running through. Needless to say, I soon cleared my plate, especially as the bacon was slightly crispy, giving my sandwich a satisfying crunch! Yum.

Hyams Beach Store and Café is a great little spot to come for breakfast, although we didn’t have a view of the beach. This didn’t really bother us as we were about to explore the beach, we were quite happily munching away on our breakfasts and people spotting! The staff are polite, welcoming and friendly and the food is freshly made and extremely good. Inside, the café is bright and fresh with plenty of natural light streaming through the windows.

Hyams Beach

If you want a more scenic spot to enjoy breakfast then why not indulge in some of their freshly made pastries, cakes and muffins with your takeaway coffee. The beach is literally 100m away and easily accessible.

I would definitely recommend Hyams Beach Store and Café to everyone in the area and will return the next time I’m in the area!