Kensington Street Spice Alley

One of the great things about Sydney is that it is full of lots of little laneways and hideouts full of hidden bars and little cafes and restaurants specialising in their own types of cuisine.

Today the Kensington Street Christmas Bazaar markets were on and I decided to go check them out! I do love a good market – especially when food is involved!

Located in Chippendale, the markets were along Kensington Street which was pedestrian zoned and full of lots of little stalls selling crafty bits and Christmas gifts perfect for that special someone.

I was more interested in the food though and it wasn’t long until I stumbled upon Reynold’s stall, KOI. I was pretty excited as I am a huge follower of Masterchef and Reynold was one of my favourites to win. I decided it would be rude not to try one of his desserts and I ended up sharing the hazelnut and praline dessert with my boyfriend for $8. The chocolate mousse dessert also looked equally magnificent and tempting, but my waistline needs to be watched, especially with Christmas looming (a time for a serious food fest)!

The dessert was delicious, not too rich or heavy and very very moreish! I could have easily eaten this all to myself!

Hazelnut & Praline DessertAlex Lee Kitchen


We then wandered into the Spice Alley and was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of restaurant stalls set up, mainly selling Asian cuisine and street food including Malaysian delights such as my old time favourites Nasi Goreng and Beef Rending which I first had during my travels after uni.

We went to Alex Lee Kitchen and as we were snacking (can’t ruin our dinner) we shared the $10 chicken satay sticks with peanut sauce. The stall wasn’t too busy, but we did have to wait for it to be cooked – at least 15 minutes which was slower than I expected, but at least they were making them fresh.

I am pleased to say that the chicken satay was worth waiting for, as was the peanut sauce which was quickly devoured between us. The chicken melted in my mouth and didn’t take long to vanish from my wooden skewers!

Chicken Satay & Peanut SauceSpice Alley


Other foodie delights at this stall included chicken rice which came with a bowl of chicken soup, roti canai and curry puffs. I’m sure I was licking my lips continuously as I was walking past the stalls.

Recently opened, this is one hidden laneway you must try the next time you are in Chippendale. You will be treated with affordable, quality food, whilst there is plenty of seating throughout Spice Alley and the hanging lanterns makes a visit during the day or night an added spectacle. I’m sure the students of nearby UTS will be taking full advantage of this little gem, and anyone looking for a bargain meal. And if you need a drink to wash down all that tasty food, then Bar Chinois is open six days a week where you can choose from a variety of wines and cocktails as well as have a crème brulee for dessert.