Korn Home Thai Restaurant Review

One cuisine which I think Australia does really well is Thai. Whichever Thai restaurant I seem to go to, I rarely come away disappointed with the food. Maybe it’s because Thailand is much closer to Australia than the UK!

Korn Home Thai Restaurant is one of those Thai restaurants where the food that is created is exquisite and simply moreish.

We decided to go to Crows Nest after work on Monday night and came across Korn Home Thai Restaurant. After a quick perusal of the menu outside, we decided to head in, despite no one actually eating here yet (it was only 5.50pm though and doors opened at 5.30pm). We didn’t let the lack of patronage put us off though!

We were welcomed in by the friendly waitresses who let us choose a table and provided us with some menus, specials and some tap water.

Korn Home Thai Restaurant

The menu was large and varied with plenty to choose from including curries, soups, stir fry dishes, seafood, meat, salads and classic rice and noodle dishes.

We decided to share the Salt and Pepper Squid to start and I had the Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken for mains. I seem to love the more traditional basic dishes in a Thai Restaurant and normally try out the Pad Thai, but this time the rice dish was calling me and it had a chef recommended hat next to it so I thought it must be worth a try!

Prices here were very reasonable with my main approximately $15 and $10 for the starter. We didn’t have to wait too long for our entrees to come out and when it did, it was a good portion size with a side dish of sweet chilli sauce for dipping. The Salt and Pepper Squid were super tasty, perfectly cooked and tender. They were extremely moreish and I had to fight my boyfriend over the last piece! In a word – YUM!

Salt and Pepper Squid

Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken

Soon after our entrees, our main dishes arrived at the table, by which time the restaurant was starting to fill up – hooray! Again, my rice dish was a good portion size, and there was good heat coming from the chillies. The chicken was also very tender which was a nice surprise as I find that some of these dishes the chicken can be a little dry. There was holy basil in my dish which you could taste, but it did not overpower the dish.

Overall the food from Korn Home Thai Restaurant was really tasty and substantial at reasonable prices. The restaurant was nicely decorated with lots of wood, fans and art pieces on the walls and throughout the restaurant. The restaurant staff were very polite and friendly and made us feel at home in this small restaurant.

Overall, fantastic food and flavours. Korn Home Thai – we will definitely be back!