Laduree: Tea for Three Review

What happens on a Thursday night after some dress shopping? Tea and macarons of course!

My work mate Emily decided we should try out this cute little French tea place, Ladurée in the centre of the Westfield shopping centre in Sydney city. I have passed Ladurée on many occasions and always thought it looked cute and this was the perfect excuse to try it out. Who can possibly say no to tea or cake?

There were plenty of tables when we arrived around 7pm and our eyes were fully focussed on the macarons that we were just dying to try. I noticed before we sat down a whole Treasure Chest of macarons which you could buy for $1,000 – they looked incredible, but I think $1,000 was a little out of my price range!

Tea for Three

Macaron Treasure Chest

When we go out we love to share food, and tonight was no different – sharing is caring after all! We decided to share a pot of Earl Grey Tea and went for a plate of 6 macarons – two each. There was ample choice of flavours, but in the end I went for a strawberry one and a vanilla macaron.

The café itself was very colourful full of vines and nice Parisian décor, but there is a limited amount of seating and I expect during peak shopping hours this little café would become frightfully busy. Our waiter was also French and took our orders, although it was a little on the slow side, probably because he was the only one serving, but this did not bother us too much, although he did not bring us any water and we gave up asking after the second mention of it.

Laduree Gift Selection


We were greeted with a nice crockery set with cute little teacups and saucers. I have to admit I don’t really drink tea or any hot drinks for that matter; it takes me far too long to drink them and I get bored waiting for these hot concoctions to cool down! However, there’s something about going out for tea and dessert that I enjoy and being English I have learned to enjoy a nice cup of tea every so often!

When our macarons came out we soon got stuck in. I have had many macarons since I have been in Australia and have only had one in Sydney which I thought was absolutely incredible so I had high hopes for this café. I was not disappointed. The macarons were full of flavour and not too firm or stodgy, they melted deliciously into my mouth and left me wanting more. I preferred the vanilla one to the strawberry as you could really taste the vanilla. The only problem was two was just not enough…maybe that Treasure Chest was worth paying for!

Overall, we had a pleasant experience at Ladurée. It wasn’t horrifically expensive, but I would probably only come here for a treat rather than a weekly occurrence. They also sell little gift sets and you can buy macarons to take away in nice gift boxes. If you are looking for macarons then I would recommend trying out Adriano Zumbo.