Lashings Restaurant Review

I have lived in the Inner West region of Sydney for just over two years now and have passed the Lashings restaurant hundreds of times, but have yet to eat there. I have always said to myself, I should really try that place out, and today was the day I ventured inside!

My boyfriend has eaten at Lashings numerous times and always raves about how good the burgers are, so it was about time I put Lashings to the test!

Although it was Easter Sunday, we noticed that Lashings in Drummoyne was open on our way home so decided it would be rude not to try it out. We were actually on the lookout for a place that sold chips or potatoes, seeing that we forgot to buy our vital ingredient for our dinner that night – potatoes and all the supermarkets were closed for this public holiday. However, we both knew that as soon as we entered Lashings, potatoes/chips would not be the only thing we would be leaving with!

Once we entered, we noticed we were not the only customers waiting in line to be served. For Easter Sunday, Lashings was pretty busy. A casual restaurant / take-away, Lashings is renowned for its beef burgers and chicken burgers, alongside its full, half and quarter BBQ Chickens. It also does a concoction of salads as well as chips, potatoes, gravy and veggies for that healthier option!

There are however a wide variety of both chicken and beef burgers to choose from and the first decision I had to make was whether I go with chicken or beef. For once, I actually chose pretty quickly and decided on the Tandoori Chicken Burger (Tandoori marinated breast fillet, rocket, mango chutney, fresh tomato, fresh onion and lashings own tandoori sauce) costing $10.50. We also ordered some of the potatoes which were seasoned with herbs and my boyfriend had mentioned how amazing these were!

Tandoori Chicken Burger

Once we paid we only had to wait about 10 minutes for our order to be called which was a reasonable amount of time seeing that the burgers are cooked to order.

There were plenty of seating both inside and outside, whilst you can park the car right outside the restaurant or on the side streets round the corner. There is also a bus stops right outside Lashings so even commuters by bus are well catered for!

We decided to have our burgers at home and had ordered take-away. The burgers had been lightly toasted so were crunchy and were crammed full of chicken and the fresh ingredients an sauce. The chicken was moist and tender and with the tandoori sauce it was very flavoursome; however I cannot recall much mango chutney being used on my tandoori chicken burger.

However, the potatoes were a bit on the salty side – in fact they were too salty for my liking which was a shame as my boyfriend says these are normally much nicer! If there was less salt I’m sure they would have tasted great. The potatoes which quite soft, rather than crunchy on the outside which I was half expecting and unfortunately I ended up leaving half of them.

Overall, the burgers were good and well-cooked and I would go to Lashings and have one again, but only every so often as it is slightly on the pricey side. There are plenty of burgers to choose from though so there is lots of choice!