Steersons Steakhouse Review

Since living in Oz, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much steak in my life! You could say it’s simply a way of life here. Everywhere you go you’re surrounded by steak sarnies, steaks on BBQs and even steak salad. I definitely could not be a veggie that’s for sure – I simply love meat far too much!

Now you can’t have a steak cooked well done – it has to be at least medium rare. Charcoaling steak is simply a sacrilege and eating something as tough as old boots is not appealing one bit.

We had recently won a $50 gift voucher for Steersons Steakhouse at The Taste of Sydney Festival which was great news for me as they are a steakhouse restaurant – right up my alley!

As it was a Friday night, we had booked a table for Steersons Steakhouse, but arrived slightly early, but the staff were friendly and accommodating and found us a table outside overlooking the water – perfect. We didn’t have to worry about getting cold as there were heaters outside which made outdoor Winter eating a more than pleasant experience.

Located in Darling Harbour within King Street Wharf precinct, Steersons is a popular restaurant to come to for locals and tourists alike, particularly as the ferry is just minutes away and the restaurant is set one street back from the main promenade.

Inside you are welcomed by a modern interior and an honours board for those who have completed the Kilo Challenge whilst there is plenty of seating both inside and out.

Steersons Steakhouse is quite expensive to come for a meal with entrees around the $17-$22 mark, whilst steaks were anything between $28 - $50. My boyfriend and I decided to share two smaller entrees which were the Pan-fried Chorizo and Pork Scratchings. The Chorizo was mouth-wateringly delicious and came in its own hot pan and I enjoyed each bite of chorizo which was bursting with flavour. I could have easily have eaten this all to myself, if my boyfriend wasn’t fighting me over it!

Pan-Fried Chorizo

Pork Scratchings


The Pork Scratchings were also good, but not as crunchy as I was hoping for. To be honest, I am a bit of a fan of Mr Porky – a brand in the UK which is pure heavenly delight!

After our appetites had been whetted, we waited for our mains to appear. Of course, I had chosen a steak – you can’t come to a steakhouse and not have steak!

Steak lovers will be pleased to know that there is a great variety of steaks to choose from in all cuts and sizes. There were T-bones, rib eye, fillet, sirloin and more. After much consideration and debate I decided to go for the Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB), NSW and chose the Angus Rib-eye (MSA) 150 Day Grain Fed 350g which cost $47.90. Each steak came with a red wine jus and a choice of chips, baked potato or mash. I decided to have the mash for a change and I treated myself to the blue cheese butter for an extra $2.90 due to my absolute love for cheese. We also shared some sautéed garlic mushrooms as a side dish.

Of course, if you didn’t want steak, then there are other main dishes such as the market fish of the day, kangaroo, lamb and beef wellington, but the restaurant is renowned for its steak.

Angus Rib-Eye 350g Steak

When our mains arrived they were elegantly presented and my mouth was already watering from the sight and smell of them! Once the waiter had presented us our meals, I soon dug in and checked my steak which was cooked to perfection and still pink and ever so tender, succulent and juicy!

The mash potato was beautifully creamy, smooth and light without any lumps and the blue cheese butter was pure heaven! Yummmmm. Needless to say I cleared my plate completely!

We looked over the dessert menu once our plates had been cleared and I had room for a dessert, but unfortunately nothing was catching my eye. I would have had the cheese, but for $27.90 I couldn’t justify spending this amount.

Overall, we had a very enjoyable meal at Steersons Steakhouse in a picturesque setting. We were well attended by the waiters who were all very friendly and helpful and I would definitely be back, even if we didn’t have the $50 gift voucher which made the meal much more reasonable.

If you use the toilets then it can be a little confusing after a few drinks, trying to work out the doors for the toilet and then where the exit is – although that might have just been me! Definitely will be back to Steersons Steakhouse soon.