Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe Sydney Review

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious cake on a Saturday afternoon after a successful day of shopping.

I had met up with my friend Alice, creator of Alice Jones Artist and she was helping me with some essential bridesmaid dress research for my best friend’s wedding. After an afternoon of trying on various dresses and a venture into Lincraft for some creative ideas, we soon stumbled across Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe on level 5 of Westfield Shopping Centre in Sydney city.

At first, we thought that Via Del Corso only sold gelato and crepes, which would have suited us fine, but ideally we were on the hunt for cake! Let us eat cake! However, as we made our way around the white circular glossy counters, we soon looked down at the glass counter displays and came face to face with some beautifully crafted cakes and individual cakes. From tempting cheesecakes to decadent chocolate mousses and cute little strawberry tarts, I knew my decision wasn’t going to be an easy one!

Should I go for the chocolate, or maybe fruit, or would I like the tart better! Aghhhhh – decision time. Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe even had more tray bake cakes on top of the counter including Blondies and Chocolate Brownies – just to make my already hard decision even harder! Eventually after much to and fro I eventually settled on the Mango and White Chocolate dessert. All cakes seemed to be reasonably priced at $8.50 and as it was around 4.30pm, Via Del Corso wasn’t as busy, which was a good thing really due to my indecisiveness – I should really work on that!

We soon gave our orders and service was fast and efficient, with the staff undoubtedly used to having to work quickly. We managed to find a table close by to Via Del Corso within the food court. If it was midday then it would be a different story, but the food court precinct that we were in was a lot quieter with an abundance of empty clean tables to take our pick from, making our afternoon cake session even more inviting!

Mango and White Chocolate Dessert

Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe

My good-sized rectangular mango and white chocolate dessert was beautifully presented with a fresh strawberry and blueberry delicately placed on top. The dessert had several layers (a Japonaise cake) which included a soft and fruity mango thin gel layer on top, followed by a creamy white chocolate mousse layer ended with a bottom coarse sponge type nutty layer with hazelnuts, that reminded me of the consistency and flavour of carrot cake, without the carrot!

When combined together on my fork, this dessert balanced perfectly with the soft mango gel, creaminess or the chocolate and the nutty texture of the sponge. Heaven on a plate!

If you’re a sweet tooth then Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe will cater for your sweet cravings, whether you choose from the mouth-watering display of cakes, handmade collection of macarons and chocolates, crepes or gelato and sorbet. You can also order a milkshake, soft drink or choose from a choice of teas to make a real afternoon of it! Why not indulge yourself to the full and order a Nutellino (a Nutella lined macchiato served with a sublime melting bacio perugina, finished with crushed hazelnuts) or perhaps the Creamy Rainbow (Pan di spagna coated in Nutella topped with a creamy milk mousse finished with panna montana and rainbow sprinkles).

Overall, Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe sells a wide variety of cakes and the display certainly draws you in. However, being placed in the middle of a busy food court, can make a stop here difficult, especially during the busy lunch time periods. I would therefore suggest stopping here earlier on or later in the day after a hard day of shopping and wind down over easy conversation and mouth-watering cakes.

Well priced and a wide variety of individual cakes, I would definitely return to Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe to try out one of their other dessert delights!