Zeta Bar Review

I have to say I do love a good cocktail. There’s nothing better than finishing work for the week and going for a few post-work drinkies with the girls from work. The only question is, where do we go this time?

I’m always on the hunt for new bars and I have passed the Zeta Bar on several occasions but never been in. It was about time this was rectified.

Located by the Hilton Hotel, Zeta Bar is an easy 5 minutes’ walk from Town Hall Station and sits opposite the iconic Queen Victoria Building. To access the bar you have to take the elevator to level 4, but first you have to get past the security guards who check your ID – of which I was not even asked for (I can’t be looking old yet…surely?!).

Zeta Nitro Sorbet

Summer Fling Cocktail

We travelled up the elevator in silence – that awkward elevator moment when you’re surrounded by strangers, but as soon as we arrived I knew we were in for a treat. Met by a spacious and contemporary room, immediately to our left was a long wooden bar which we quickly made our way towards. The bar has a good range of alcohol and spirits, but the cocktail menu was what we were after and I have to say this menu was full of different, if not deadly concoctions!

I have to admit, I am pretty indecisive at the best of times, so trying to decide on a cocktail was painful; however the bartenders are very helpful and if you are struggling (like me!) they will come and rescue you and offer you some suggestions of their favourites. Eventually I made a decision (hooray!) and went for a Summer Fling as I was super thirsty. This cost $19 and contained gin, orange and ginger beer with Pimms, and served long. It was very gingery, yet refreshing – just what I needed.

My workmate went for an intriguing cocktail which was a Zeta Nitro Watermelon Margarita Sorbet served on a wooden board with a smoking effect coming from the middle glass, whilst there was also a mini cocktail on the side, which apparently was very strong, but it was soon guzzled up. It looked totally amazing and I would recommend this $23 cocktail, just for the show it creates.

Zeta Bas hasplenty of places to sit or you can perch by the bar or at the high tables and soak up the charm and characteristic vibes. You can also hire out private booths if you are looking for private drinks or have a large group. On a nice day, make sure you take a step outside where there’s even more seating and you get a view of the QVB. Unfortunately for us it was tipping it down with rain so we only stayed outside momentarily to take in the view.

We only stayed for about an hour before moving on, but this makes a great place to come for after work drinks. If you can get here before 5.30pm you can probably get a table as it quickly becomes busy. I would highly recommend Zeta Bar to anyone who loves a cocktail with a twist and I will certainly be back.